is a collection of the best scat-websites. International scatmovie-producer use megascat to present their films both in miscellaneous membership-websites and in the scat-shop "".


With more than 10 years experience, megascat is one of the greatest scat-portal of the internet.


The older members and fanĀ“s of our sites and content know that we had a lot of nice littel fetish and special interest sites. But after some technical problems we decidet to make a bigge relounge of all of our content. so now we have put everting together and present you all of our content on round about 10 websites.


On these sites you will find nearly every video that was on our sites bevor. We have huge portfolios of nasty scat like the scat-sessions or scat-hell. But also still dirty personal stuff like latifa or the dirty german scatqueen veronica moser. So feel free to take you own tour through our content. And selsct the stuff you like most. If you have any questions or if you have wish for a special program, please feel free to send us a short mail.


We are very happy to present you a lot of "old school" scat and vomit content. No fake scat or effects. Only 100% real nasty and dirty scat and vomit action.


After our website relounge all of your sites could also be used with tablets or mobile fones. Now all clips can be watched right now online or could also be downloaded in a packed (ZIP) version to your PC.


And also we are looking for a new site update every week on all of our sites.