Where I can get the membership?
On every of your sites you can get your own individual full member signup.

Where can I cancel the membership?
To cancel your membership click here

I can't download the pictures?
If you can't download the pictures perhaps you have disallowed Javascript in your Browser. The large Pictures where opened in a Pop-Up window, that need activated Javascript in your Web-Browser, for example Internet Explorer.

How can I download the Pictures and movies?
If you want to download a Picture you like, just klick with the right mouse button in the picture and choose file save.

I can't watch the movies?
If your Player can't display the movies you need the windows mediaplayer. You can download the Player at MICROSOFT. If you still have the windows media-player maybe you have to update it.

I get blocked / Pennywiz Software
We protect our content with pennywize software. You get blocked if you share your password and there are different ip's at your useraccount, you get blocked for 3 hours.
Please don't use downloadmanager/subnets, you also get maybe blocked.

There is also a block due to excessive usage the downloadlimit of 2,5 gigabyte per day. You get blocked for 24 hours. But you have enough time to download the hole content more than once.

We are sorry of these limits, but it is really necessary to keep the websites working. We have also to pay for the traffic at the server.

I have another question
If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to CONTACT us, we try to answer your qestions as good as possible.